Playbasis provides gamification and engagement platform that allows brands, publishers, and entrepreneurs the ability to add fun, interactivity, and engagement to their products and services. Our platform can be integrated with any of digital channels with capability of full customizations.

1. Register Account

First step of integrating Playbasis Platform is signing up your digital products as Playbasis Account. Package and features may vary to price plan you choose.

2. Integrate Playbasis Social Login

With social infrastructure and monitor provided. You can integrate Playbasis Social Login with your digital products easily. The platform allows you to keep record of using these social accounts, and make a proper report for analyzing. You will get better access to customers’ behaviors while your customers get convenience of logging-in by using their own existing social accounts.

3. Setting Game Rule

Playbasis Platform Dashboard offers full customization of game rule setting. You can easily create your own game rules for your digital products to lead users’ behaviors by setting action conditions, and reward them with achievements, experience point for leveling up, or point for reward redemption.

4. Implementation in Your Site

     "player": {
        "username": "Mark Knight",
        "point": 12353,
        "coin": 4015,
        "exp": 2183,
        "level": 7

Once all rules have been set, all APIs are ready to implement to your site by linking each action of website into our API. Then all actions are ready to gamify.

Download API Reference

5. Embed Widget

Playbasis provides ready-widgets of leaderboard and live feed for your site to embed. Information shown in leaderboard can be customized freely to create competition among users which helps driving the action made on your digital products.