The Quest menu

Quest example

In order for a player to take part of a quest, the player must satisfy the condition that was set in the quest settings. Each quest will have at least one or more missions where missions are challenges for players to complete and in the end players will have an option to give mission rewards. Once all mission are completed, this is classified as a completed quest and an optional final reward will be rewarded to the player.

Let’s look at how a simple quest scenario will look like for players:

1. Quest name would be ‘Playbasis Explore Yourself and Others’ where the condition or where the player must have before joining this quest is at least level 10 to level 49 (max level) and has a ‘Super Active’ badge.
2. Once the player has joined the quest the player is challenged to do 2 missions.
3. The first mission name is Visit Profile and the second is Visit Another player profile
a. The challenge in Visit Profile page is to visit their own profile page. Once that is completed the player will be rewarded with 5 points. Simple right?
b. The challenge in Visit Another player profile is to visit someone else’s profile page. Once that is completed they are rewarded with a ‘Friendly User’ badge.
4. When both missions are completed, the player will be rewarded with a final reward which could be a 100 ‘Coins’ (coins are custom points) and a badge called ‘Feature Explorer’ badge.

Let’s walk through how to set this up in the dashboard.

What you need before you create this quest:

• Level settings – make sure to have more than 10 levels
• Badges – Super Active badge, Friendly User badge and Feature Explorer badge
• Custom points – Coins
• Actions – ‘visit_my_profile’ and ‘visit_other_profile’
• Images for quest and missions (optional)

Create quest

1. In the Quest menu click on the insert at the top right corner

Quest details

2. Fill in the information just like the image below:

Create mission

3. Now click on the Manage Mission tab to create two new missions for this quest and click on the + New Mission button to add mission.

Mission details

4. Now fill in the fields just like below

Add more Missions

5. Now once that is completed let’s add another mission by pressing the + New Mission button. This will slide in another mission for you to fill in.



• Points and EXP is only accountable from the beginning of time for each players. Therefore if you set points to 5 like the example and a player currently has more than 5 points, then they automatically have finished this mission.

Save quest

6. Once that is completed click save on the top right hand corner. Once that is done you will be redirected to the list of quests and you should be able to see that newly quest created in the list