The Insight Menu


In addition to the dashboard page, you can find further insights of player’s frequent actions on your website. The stacked column chart depicts the number of action completed either within daily, weekly or monthly – this can be changed in the Unit Type drop down option. Actions that have never been completed by any players will not appear in the list or in the graph. Each action is color matched with the list of action selection list and by default all actions are selected.


The quantity of rewards that was given to players can be viewed in the Rewards section. The reward consists of 4 selections, which you can view as column graphs: Points, Experiences, Levels and Badges. Since there are more than one badge, the number of badges will be column stacked.


In addition to the dashboard, you can view the registration trends in the User section. Launching new events should attract new users therefore post evaluation performance can be depicted on the spikes of the graphs.

To measure the success of most website, the daily active users and monthly active users can be viewed in the form of a line chart for your reference and evaluation: