The Dashboard Menu


The dashboard page gives you overall quick essential insights of the latest trend of player registration, points earned, badge earned and leveling up. Time frame of the trends can be adjusted accordingly. Implemented marketing strategies which aims to drive more registration or more user activities within your website can be evaluated here.


The live feed is a real time monitoring tool to see the current activities and actions that players are interacting with your site. Interactions can be customized and set to your preference and it will then appear in this window.

Users Actions

Your particular customized actions can be compared day on day, week on week or month on month. This you can compare the changes in percentages of what actions are completed by players.

Leader Board

Leader Board by points displays your current top 5 players ranked by points. These players are highly valuable to your website as they are the most active players and they should be recognized for target marketing plans. Clicking on their names expands more information about them for instance their email address and their last active session.