The Badge Menu

The Badge Menu

Create new badge

Levels can be created manually or you have the option to use ready made level based on 3 common game levels that have been used very often on other games.

Let’s see how we can create our own levels:

1. Click on the Insert button on the top right corner

2. Fill in the Name of the badge and some description and hint

3. Once that is done, click on the Data tab next to the General tab to fill in further fields. The following fields are mandatory:
• Image: Must be a square and the number of pixel must be between 500px and 1000px.
• Quantity: The number of badges available to give out to players. If left blank or 0 it is considered unlimited quantity.
• Stackable: Players are able to receive this badge multiple times if it is enabled. If disabled, players can only receive this badge only once.
• Subtract:
• Sort Order: The number ordering of the badge list as you see in the dashboard.
• Claim:
• Redeem:
• Status: Players are able to receive this badge if it is set to enabled