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Playbasis takes businesses to the next level by helping them compete in today’s Engagement Economy. Leading businesses rely on Playbasis to power audience engagement across all of their digital touchpoints. Our Gamification Platform makes websites and apps more engaging, resulting in increased adoption, conversion, and loyalty. When you motivate and engage your audience, they’ll do more, stay longer, and invite their friends.

Getting Started

Rest API

Integrate with our Rest API and make your websites or digital channels alive. Playbasis API offers full customization which can be adapted to any digital channels.

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Interaction in digital products is one of gamification heart. Playbasis API is ready to connect to your digital actions, and associated with game rules which will trigger engagement.

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Download SDK

Download our SDK and integrate to your apps. Playbasis SDK offers ready-to-implement SDK to any mobile applications together with capabilities of customization for activities.


Powerful Dashboard

Playbasis equips an organization with powerful tools to better engage and retain their audience, whether they are customers or employees. Playbasis utilizes proven techniques from social games and applications to drive user behavior. Playbasis gives businesses the ability to not only measure audience behavior, but to drive behaviors towards desired business outcomes. The Dashboard comes with essential business tools for performing analysis and report composing as ready-to-use excel or csv file.

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Mobile SDK Demo

The Playbasis Mobile SDK works with any mobile or tablet application, providing more exciting engagement for both normal applications and games. With the Playbasis Mobile SDK you can make every action more engaging, rewarding your users with badges, achievements, and other forms of compensation.

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